9 Best Places To Eat In Key West Florida

Places To Eat In Key West Florida
Places To Eat In Key West Florida

Key West, Florida, is not just a paradise for beach lovers but also a culinary haven offering a diverse range of dining experiences. From casual seafood joints to upscale waterfront restaurants, Key West has something to satisfy every palate. Let’s explore the nine best places to eat in this vibrant island city.

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1. Blue Heaven

Located amidst lush gardens, Blue Heaven offers a unique dining experience with its quirky decor and vibrant ambiance. Indulge in Key West pink shrimp and homemade banana bread while soaking in the island vibes.

2. Santiago’s Bodega

For those craving international flavors in a cozy setting, Santiago’s Bodega is the perfect choice. This tapas restaurant offers an array of small plates featuring Mediterranean and Latin American influences.

3. Louie’s Backyard

Situated right on the waterfront, Louie’s Backyard boasts stunning ocean views and a menu filled with fresh seafood and creative American dishes. Enjoy a romantic dinner or sunset cocktails at this iconic Key West spot.

4. Pepe’s Cafe

As Key West’s oldest restaurant, Pepe’s Cafe is a must-visit for classic American breakfast and comfort food. Step into its charming, historic setting and savor dishes that have stood the test of time.

5. Latitudes

For a truly memorable dining experience, take a boat to Latitudes on Sunset Key. This upscale restaurant offers elegant waterfront dining and specializes in fresh seafood dishes complemented by breathtaking sunset views.

6. Garbo’s Grill

Food truck aficionados will love Garbo’s Grill, known for its flavorful tacos, burritos, and burgers. Despite its humble setting, this eatery has garnered a loyal following thanks to its inventive menu and delicious offerings.

7. Nine One Five

Housed within a historic Victorian house on Duval Street, Nine One Five offers contemporary American cuisine in a stylish setting. From fresh salads to indulgent desserts, this restaurant is sure to impress.

8. El Meson de Pepe

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of El Meson de Pepe, where authentic Cuban cuisine meets live music and outdoor seating. Located in Mallory Square, this restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy a taste of Cuba in Key West.

9. The Stoned Crab

For a casual waterfront dining experience, head to The Stoned Crab. Feast on fresh stone crab claws and locally sourced seafood delicacies while taking in the laid-back Key West vibe.


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